Be happy.

This Sunday I will be running my fourth -official- half marathon. This time it will not be in Amsterdam. I will run that one in October, later this year. This Sunday I will run the half marathon of Den Helder. The city I grew up. I will run 21 kilometers through my past. I will run the road which I used to get to school as a adolescent, and I´ll be passing our very first apartement, where Edo and I first moved in together. I will be running across Fort Erfprins, where my dad used to work. Ah memories. I am always a little nervous before I run a half marathon, but despite any aches, I will run this one with a big smile.

Plaatje Den Helder route hardlopen 2014 map

Een gedachte over “13.1 Miles

  1. Aidan schreef:

    Dit is werkelijk a walk, of in dit geval a run, through Memory Lane! Veel succes en plezier!


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