From the youngest city in the Netherlands.

A while ago a mobile kitchen stood in front of our house, next to the driveway, selling home-made pizzas. I was quite surprised about this, because we were not informed beforehand, nor were we informed that the pizza van parked in front of our house.

I read a catchy slogan on the pizza van, and the website address of the van owner. I could read online that the on-site selling was an ‘extra’ from a pizza restaurant in Het Gooi. Every week, the pizza van parks at a location to make a name among people who live outside Het Gooi. That’s fine by me, but does it have to be right outside my house? Our personal address was also mentioned on the website. Not okay.

On the restaurant’s website, I read that it was not a recurring event, so I assumed that I only had to get angry this time. It turns out that assumptions are not correct, because yesterday afternoon, I came home from a run and the pizza van was in front of our house again. This time in our driveway. I resolutely approached the pizza chef and asked to park the pizza van elsewhere, because our driveway is not a bazaar.

The pizza chef was unaware of a bad situation and thought that was nothing wrong. I changed that thought and also indicated, in view of the privacy law, that I do not appreciate my address (street and house number) being mentioned on a website. I also requested to remove the pizza van from our driveway and not to come back to this location, again.

During the conversation I remained friendly (so I believe) and put on my friendliest face, but in a way that it was clear to the pizza chef that this action shouldn’t be repeated. As a compensation of all this, we were offered free pizzas. Well, all’s well that ends well.

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