Be happy.

A new year.
Wishing you all the best for 2023! May all your wishes come true and may your days be bright. Well, they will be brighter everyday, because we are slowly moving towards spring. Unless you live in the southern hemisphere, then it’s all a different story for you. And I do not envy you. But I wish you all brighter days as in the happy ones.

I do not believe in ‘a new year, a new me’, because you can never be a new person in just a moment (that only happens in magical make believe stories). It goes gradually. If you’re patient enough, to say the least. I have not set any New Year’s resolutions. I just made this deal with myself to see if I can run every day (e v e r y  d a y !) this coming year. That’s over three hundred fifty runs this year.

It wouldn’t be that hard, because since December 3th I already ran everyday, ‘till this day. It’s mostly figuring out when in the day I’m going to do my run. Do I work at home, do I work in Amsterdam, or are there other appointments? I’m curious to see how flexible I can be in the new year. I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully a little more often than the past few months here. 

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